Patrick Brennan is a Philadelphia based photographer whose current projects explore the materials and experiences that make up life on Earth. Brennan's recent photographs capture subjects ranging from cosmic phenomena to the minutiae of light and lint found in one's pocket- rendering each with equal attention.

      Patrick's foray into photography began unexpectedly on a cross country bike trip in 2012. By the end of the 10-week journey, he realized that he enjoyed stopping to take pictures as much as his passion for cycling. With no formal training in the arts, he yearned to perfect the craft and enrolled in classes at the University of the Arts. Brennan’s academic life until this point had revolved around the sciences, culminating in a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. This formal education in the use of scientific processes to discover how the world works continues to influence his photographic practice. He embraces technology, utilizing experimental techniques to explore what camera and software can produce. To capture scenes of the natural world, he travels far from his home base of Philadelphia. Brennan is also highly involved in the Philadelphia Photo League and has had several works selected for their book 2017 Photography Journal.

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